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The TikTok Telescope (Digital Download)
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The TikTok Telescope is the ultimate guide for any serious entrepreneur or marketer looking to establish their brand on this rapidly growing platform. In this book we cover everything from the basics on how to setup a profile correctly, to the creation of consumer content and how best to maximise performance in relation to the TikTok algorithm as of January 2020.

Our team has spent countless hours speaking to major TikTok influencers, researching content trends and trialling out specific strategies to find out exactly what steps you can take to become successful on this platform.

What is TikTok?
TikTok formally known as Musical.ly, is a social media network designed by Bytedance created for sharing user-generated video content. It heavily leverages the use of trending music and encourages users to create content centred specifically around it. Just like with Instagram, you can tag and communicate with users through comment feeds and direct messaging as well as categorise your curated content through the use of hashtags and grouping.

Who is this book for?
We designed this how-to guide for anyone flirting with the idea of joining this platform to expand their digital brand presence. In it, we sought to cover all the fundamentals, and endeavoured to include the guidance needed in how to setup a profile correctly, all the way up to content creation and storyboarding.

This book will benefit:
-Any business looking to build up a digital presence.
-Entrepreneurs looking to build up a personal identity.
-Creative artists looking to get their artwork noticed
-Up & coming musicians and music artists.
-People looking to capitalise on the next big social media trend.
-Businesses looking to attract a younger target audience.

How to use this book
This handbook has been designed in a way to provide you with key important information both clearly and concisely. By all intents and purposes, you should read through concepts that have been outlined, take part in the exercises, and go on to actively apply these into your own TikTok accounts.

Our team have spent a great deal of time creating this guide for readers at all levels, and taking that into account, there may be sections with which you are already familiar; these can be skipped as per your own learning and growth plans. This book provides you with a skeleton, and through application, exploration and consistency, you should be able to create a winning TikTok strategy that is customised to you.

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